Natalie Taylor


a student
type foundry
and collective

corporate identity, branding, visual system, typeface design, typography, poster design, animation, webdesign (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

A platform for students to share their designed typefaces and a shop to sell type related products. It highlights the experimentation of typography and is a not so serious space for students to explore and have fun with type.

The branding for the type foundry revolves around the anx being something separate from the art school, something just for the students, an after school club or a playground.

The colours are bright, like a blue cloudless sky and a fun orange. The elements are all created out of building blocks, referencing the fact that it's a space for us to build things (to experiment, collaborate and discuss). This concept touches everything, from the custom typefaces, to the fun gifs and animation on the website featuring playground games.

typeface design

hi there!
this is a space for you to type.

type specimen
of the custom typeface