Natalie Taylor

Custom typeface design
for the book Schachnovelle by Stefan Zweig

typography, typeface design, editorial design, layout

A zine showcasing a typeface I designed as part of a redesign for the book 'Schachnovelle'. It is used for the cover, headings and page numbers. The design of the typeface revolves around the content of the book, referencing the location, the time, the characters and the overall plot.

The typeface is based on a "gebrochene Grotesk", in particular the slants of nazi typefaces such as "National" or "Tannenberg". I created a modern and square version of this to not only represent the chess game, but also show the contrast between the national socialist Czentovic and Dr. B. who stands in opposition to the Nazi regime.

Typeface designed for the book Schachnovelle. See it in use here!

typeface design

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