Natalie Taylor

branding proposal
for Montrose
Rope & Sail

corporate identity, branding, typography, typeface design

A live brief for Montrose Rope & Sail to create an identity for their new Scottish bag and soft luggage accessories brand, which focuses on heritage, craftsmanship, people and design.

I created a custom typeface for the logo, which is also used for the headings. The designed typeface with its wavy flowing shapes references the wavy motion of the sea and wind, which is a major part of their Scottish seaside heritage. The typeface also has stiffer and straighter lines which references the more rigid nature of rope, due to the company's past in the rope industry. The typeface also features counters that resemble the shape of water drops, which again goes back to the company's heritage as rope manufacturer for ships.

typeface design

hi there!
this is a space for you to type.

type specimen
of the custom typeface